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Posted by katha on August 31, 2009

I am moving here: essaywarriors.com

Same personalized academic and corporate writing and research service, same low price, better website.

Let’s take the war to a higher level.

Emai: ask@essaywarriors.com & essaywarriors@gmail.com


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Academic Writing Services

Posted by katha on July 11, 2007

You already know the value of good writing to your academic and professional life. However, not everyone has the time or the aptitude for writing…

You need not suffer if you can get a word warrior to address all your writing needs, from academic papers to business plans and presentations.

The question is where do you get an academic writer and researcher whom you can trust and build a relationship with?

Your Personal Writer & Research Assistant

Most academic writing and research editing companies take on a lot of jobs and then outsource or subcontract them to freelance writers. They earn by passing on the costs to you while somebody else does the actual writing and researching. They serve as the conduit between clients and writers, and you in turn, pay these academic companies for sourcing your writers. If you can engage the writer directly, you can save on money, receive better quality papers and get personalized services.

Do yourself a favor. Save on costs and get quality academic writing and research services by dealing directly with the writer.

Cut out the middle man and go to the word sourceā€¦

Word Warrior is a single, dedicated academic writing and research operation. I am thus afford to devote all the time and energy necessary to produce quality academic papers and creative copy. My freedom also means the flexibility to adapt to your diverse writing and research needs.

Because you will only be among the few clients I will have every month, rest assured that the quality of your paper will be consistent and dependable. And I will value your business as a relationship.

Harness the power of words. Email me at essaywarrior@yahoo.com and let’s start the word war.

No commitments, no regrets.

Please check my new web site at essaywarriors.com

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